Sulfates destroy the natural skin barrier and irritate the skin. Alf Heller Switzerland replaced sulfates by modern and very mild washing agents that are suitable for use in baby shampoos.
Synthetic colors are not used in Alf Heller Switzerland products as they do not perform any cosmetic function and frequently turn out to be potential allergens.
Alf Heller Switzerland attach the highest importance to selecting and combining only high-quality ingredients for hair and skin care products that make the difference. Out of cosmetic, environmental and health considerations, the innovative recipes do not contain any substances that are considered unsafe or responsible for skin, scalp and hair issues. Only modern, functional and vegan agents from sustainable sources are used.
Parabens are suspected to interfere with the hormone balance and to cause breast cancer. More than enough reasons for Alf Heller Switzerland not to use parabens in any product.
Silicones cause sticky and heavy hair in the long run. Alf Heller Switzerland replaced silicones by specifically designed agents from plant based sources.
PEG (polyethylene glycol) serve many functional and cosmetic purposes but they impair the skin barrier and also cause dry skin. Alf Heller Switzerland found better and more modern alternatives for you.
Microplastic pollutes the environment and can be found everywhere in water, air and soil. A production without microplastic is a prerequisite at Alf Heller Switzerland in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.
Animal testing is absolutely unnecessary. It goes without saying that Alf Heller Switzerland develop and manufacture without animal cruelty.